Giovanni and Estavan helped back up a moving truck and it was a wonderful experience. They first met us at the storage unit and loaded that quickly to the truck and then we went to our house to move the rest of the stuff. While Estavan was loading boxes, etc from in the house Giovanni expertly was arranging the truck and getting everything organized. I was amazed he knew how quickly where to put everything and how best to arrange it - you can tell he's done it before. I was leery at first to have movers because my previous experiences have not been good - the workers were slow and lazy and I was pleasantly surprised with Colo Movers - my husband was also very impressed with the quality of movers Gio and Estavan were. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to make a move. I also liked that there were no "surprise" - I had talked to someone on the phone to get everything scheduled and had been leery because I'd heard there are "extra" charges that they dont disclose up front. With Colo Movers we knew exactly the charges and they didnt try and charge anything else - for like our dresser -they said they could wrap it - but there would be an extra charge - so we opted not to do that and that was it -- perfect! We had thought it may take up to 3 hours - but the workers got done even before the 2 hour minimum! They made a very good impression on everyone that day that was at our home. Excellent job!!
- Amanda, Denver
After initally booking another moving company and then reading their terrible reviews here, we decided to give Colorado Movers a try based on their Yelp rating. We received an estimate ahead of time (a rep came out to our house to look at the items we have) and agreed to a flat rate for the move, understanding it would include one truck load. Looking back, I'm glad we did the flat rate (although it was a wash money-wise with the hourly rate), because I wasn't worried about time or how fast/slowly things were going.
A crew of four guys (we were only expecting three) called to let us know they were on their way and showed up on time. All were professional and courteous, and had great attitudes throughout the day. Each of the guys worked incredibly hard to move our things quickly, but were also very careful not to damage anything. They packed the truck as tightly as possible to maximize what we could get in the load. When we realized it wasn't all going to fit, they offered to do another trip for a flat fee, which we felt was reasonable.

The only damage we saw was a drawer that fell out of a dresser and cracked a bit, but that was more from being an old dresser than anything the movers did.

We were impressed with this company's transparency (no hidden fees, no tricks, etc.) and especially the movers' hard work. We'd use them again in a heart beat.
Sarah D., Denver
I had two guys come to move my one bedroom apartment. They did a great job. They worked really hard the entire time. They did not mess around and worked very efficient as I was helping them with the move as well. I am satisfied and would recommend them to a friend. The two guys were Bert and Ed.
Michael T., Denver, CO
An incredible job!! They came highly recommended by a friend who had used them in the past and I was not disappointed at all. I had called around for quotes and Colorado Movers were very reasonably priced. The movers were actually early and were incredibly efficient. Everything was wrapped and moved to the truck within 20 minutes. I would suggest Colorado Movers to anyone who is moving.
MaryAnna F. — Aurora, CO